October 15, 2008

Are we done yet?

You know your husband is due home from deployment when….

1. There is some kind of bank/pay error and your checking account looks really empty. You are going to have to come up with an explanation to why there’s no gas in his truck, why you aren’t going out to dinner the week he comes home and why the cable is cancelled.
2. Your children are out of control, really. No amount of prayer or punishment seems to be helping and you are ready to sell them to the next band of gypsies you find.
3. You find out your car has a transmission fluid leak. You also can’t get the now needed snow tires down from the attic on your own. The garage door also breaks so that it doesn’t matter if you can get them down, you can’t get them out of the garage anyway.
4. Your calendar explodes with events you absolutely must attend to, and there’s no getting out of them. (i.e. the Primary Program)
5. Your hair color goes terrible awry. Pink is really not meant to be the intended color. You just aren’t that brave with your hair.
6. Your face breaks out for no good reason. It’s not like you are a teenager or anything. All of the sudden you have more zits than you did in your Senior portrait. What’s up with that?
7. All of your friends and family are asking you when the big day is, probably because you have become a very whiny person lately.
8. Your grandmother calls and says she’s coming for a visit that weekend. Love ya, Gram, but give me a few more days, okay?
9. Your health issues (or your kids colds) give you a run for your money. You know you should be cleaning the house and prettying up the yard, but it’s all you can do to shower and dress yourself and your kids.
10. The original date has come and gone and you are done waiting patiently, so you carry your phone around with you everywhere you go, waiting for the call, in case you won’t be able to get to it in time from the bathroom. You also call his cell phone every night, hoping somehow you are going to hear something other than voice mail.

Are we done yet?


Four Men and a Lady said...

Your list cracked me up!! I'm not laughing at your pain though... it was everything I would have listed!! Hopefully the call will come soon... hang in there!!

Islandalli said...

KR-I look forward to seeing your list when the time comes.