October 2, 2008

I miss my Hubby

"Men who know little are great talkers while men who know much say little." - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

I have long maintained I married the smartest man I know. He is truly the reason for our brilliant children. If he can't fix it, re-purpose it, or work it out, it can't be done. That's not to say we have always made wise decisions as a married couple, but we have always gotten through it all together.

He's not much of a talker though. We split a cell phone plan with Mom and when the bill comes (on months he's home) his share is about 7 minutes used and I always know that's been under duress and has something to do with work. He doesn't talk much in person either, but he's very funny in a sly kind of way and gets your attention when he does speak. He's become much more affectionate in the past few years and in silence will often reach for my hand or touch my shoulder as he walks past me.

I am missing my husband this week. It's always this time in deployment when I am more than ready for him to come home. I need his strength, silent or not, I need his presence back at home. I need his reassurance, his kindness and his help. I just need him home... Most people are really sad at the beginning of a deployment, and I admit to having a bad day or two. For the most part though, the end kills me. I can't stand the waiting when I know the date is near. I just want it to be over already, I want him home.

I just want you all to know (not like I have tons of readers here) that I really think married the perfect man for me. He's my other half, and I really miss him this week. Are we there yet?


the Holyoaks said...

I'll bet he's really missing you guys too!

cprolf said...

Amen sista!! The other day I broke a plate in anger and frustration!! We are at the half way point and it is much harder than the beginning ever was. I suppose some things are just meant to be endured.

cprolf said...

Also, I am lovin your great pictures. That one of your husband is great and the ones of your kids are super darling. What a great talent you have. I know MB is lamenting the fact that you will not be there to take the pictures on her baby's blessing day. What kind of camera do you use? Is it a digital SLR? I still use my old film SLR sometimes just because I like what it can do that my silly cheapo digital camera cannot.

Islandalli said...

CPROLF- I use a file SLR too, most of the time. I don't have a digital SLR, just a point and shoot digital and my trusty Minolta Maxxum. I have had it for years and it's always come through for me. Thanks for your comments. Sometimes I feel like that guy who plays piano by ear and can't read a note, I can take a decent photo but can't tell you what the settings were. Not sure if that's good or bad.

Sharon said...

I feel this way about my Justin too. And as we've talked about, I also think the end of deployments are harder than the start. We're almost there, though!